The origins of Kantha:

Kantha fabrics have been used for hundreds of years.
KANTHA means simple stitching in Hindi. For more than 400 years, KANTHA quilts have been made in Bengal and all over India using many layers of quilting.

 These jackets are 100 per cent cotton, and hand printed designs, and wash on a cool wash at 20 degrees C.

Kantha traditionally was given to women as a gift, as a lucky charm, to avoid the evil eye, as protection, with joy and harmony. It was a gift given with love.

I live in Paradise, on an Island off Greece, where everyday I get inspired with nature, the sounds, sights, smells of the ocean around me.

Spending time with my husband and dogs helps me to be as creative as I can, when I can dream up new ideas for new looks. I love being as original as i can, don't follow trends, but love to make my own.

Each of my designs are created with endless Love and Joy while in my cottage over looking the sea, day dreaming of all beautiful ideas which are planted as seeds to grow.

I am drawn to exotic countries like India the Middle East, Northern Africa, South Africa and South America. Countries full of exotic sights and senses, fragrant smells and vibrant textiles and designs. Colourful in every way.

My background and love for fashion grew years ago when i worked as a personal shopper in the Middle East. I started to incorporate more patterns and designs in my ideas and my own taste and style has grown from a mix of french boutique into a more bohemian and folklorish way of dressing, with an exotic colourful yet feminine elegant feel.

bohodogon, for me represents a free spirit, someone who has the courage to be different. Someone who loves life and someone who just knows.

I have always been fascinated by the Dogon tribe in Africa. The Dogons ancient wall murals still exist to this day of drawings of ancient star constellations. The Dogon tribe had an insight about the stars no one else on earth had for centuries, and in the 1920s a group of scientists went to research this tribe, only to find out, that this ancient star knowledge was given to the Dogon ( they say) by people who were half humanoid and half mermaid, known as the Mer Beings from a star called Sirius.

Every night as a child, I would star gaze and always look at the Sirius star and sense the magnificent beauty and magic of the unknown.

This is where my brand bohodogon, once upon a star, ......was born.